Big Bazaar is Launching Price Comparison App


Following the foot prints of Amazon and Flipkart, Big bazaar is soon going to launch its app for your smart phones. You will soon be able to get the lowest price deals from big bazaar at your mobile phone.

Big Bazaar price comparison app

According to Kishore Biyani this step is to contest with online retailers on their cost cutting strategy. Big Bazaar is introducing their app to guarantee the lowest price where they will be launching a price match offer where if you shop from them and anyone else is selling cheaper than them they will automatically give credits in your account — anything online or offline.

In the last couple of years many online giants have emerged like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and Ebay. They give attractive offers to trap the online shoppers.

Mr. Kishore Biyani is not at all disturbed with Ecommerce platform as he is very much with his traditional retailing. According to him even 10 giants like Amazon can not match real world stores in terms of overall volume.

Big Bazaar Omni-Channel Pilot Program

In addition to this Big Bazaar is soon going to launch omni-channel pilot program. According to this program Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar stores will deliver goods to customers in Mumbai an hour after they place their orders.

Currently the beta version of Big Bazaar price comparison app is being tested in Mumbai at Food Bazaar Employees.

Big Bazaar price comparison app will provide customer with peace of mind that he is getting the cheapest rates of the product. The app will be very soon available for public.


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