Big Bazaar Direct: Will Indians Adapt This New Business Model?


Big Bazaar Direct is a brand new enterprise by Future Retail, which possesses Big Bazaar outlets throughout India. Big Bazaar is itself a Rs 11,000 crore company striving to claim its own share in the inside Indian retail sector. If Big Bazaar Direct plans to grow larger than Big Bazaar itself, then undoubtedly it’s an enormous risk to bet on.

Big Bazaar Direct

Big Bazaar Direct Big Bazaar Direct: Will Indians Accommodate This New Business Model?

Big Bazaar Direct is dependent on intermingling of three business models into one:

  • Where consumers can immediately order products via ecommerce shops, Ecommerce
  • Direct Selling, where manufacturers and distributers directly sell their merchandises to stop consumers
  • In which a firm makes products to be sold by franchisees, franchisee

Even though there is a demand to pay for in Rs 3 lakh to become a franchisee of Big Bazaar, there is a rigorous selection procedure as well, through which only the most competent and eligible entrepreneurs are picked.

The means of Big Bazaar Direct, atleast on paper, has been made incredibly easy:

  • Authorized franchisees will see your house having a pill, and take orders
  • Payment would be made and also the receipt will be accepted by the customer
  • Goods are delivered after 3 to 7-days.

As the franchisee has to carry no inventory and is relived of delivery and transportation tensions, this looks a good model as least on theory.

So, the major question: Will it be adapted by Indians?

Expectancies from Big Bazaar will be absolutely tremendous. Such is the branding of Big Bazaar inside India that more folks understand concerning this brand, compared to individuals who really see it and store from its factory outlets. This can be an immense opening edge for Big Bazaar Direct, but additionally it brings tremendous expectancies from Big Bazaar.

Right from your moment a franchisee falls in to take orders to the finished product delivery, every measure must be carefully handled and optimized by the Big Bazaar Direct team. Imagine if the products will not be delivered or the delayed? The customer who orders toothpaste would want that next day!

Merchandise Varieties is the Key

In the first place, Big Bazaar Direct would simply offer 1000 odd merchandises via its interface on a tablet PC. Compare this to over 10,000 merchandises which a consumer usually gets to select from select a Big Bazaar real outlet.

Less merchandise variety can seriously hamper the total shopping experience of the end user. Initially, tablet computers would offer merchandises from furniture recesses and supermarkets, electronic equipment and only no things would be provided.

Even though this direct selling methodology brings in much convenience and easy shopping, Indian shoppers are spoiled for selections. It will be interesting to see how Big Bazaar Direct handles this shortcoming.

Retailing is really all about being patient and building relationships. There’s tremendous confidence and delight regarding this new franchisee established business model introduced by Big Bazaar. Hoards of young girls as well as men with somewhat little expertise in retailing are applying for this particular new chance.

Even insurance agents and direct selling professionals are trying out their chance to enter this ecosystem. Perhaps it’s a bogus feeling of confidence: retailing is really all about being patience and building relationship.

The neighborhood kirana shop owner has been with us for many decades, as well as the splendid home delivery system which he has arranged is an item of his patience and love for the organization.


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