Free Shopping Weekend 23 to 25 March 2018


Free Shopping Weekend | 23rd – 25th March | #FreeWaliKhushi

Celebrate 3 days of #freewalikhusi with Big Bazaar’s Free shopping weekend. Shop for ₹ 2000 and get ₹ 2000* back.

Additional 10% discount on payments through RuPay credit and debit cards. Terms and Conditions apply.


Big Bazaar Public Holiday Sale 22 to 25 December 2017


Big Bazaar has announced another public holiday sale from 22nd December 2017 at all big bazaar and future bazaar stores. The offer period will run for 4 days from 22nd December 2017 to Christmas day 25th December 2017.  More over some wallet offers are also there. So visit Big bazaar to avail these exciting offers this Christmas.

Big Bazaar Public Holiday Sale 22 to 25 dec 2017

  • Q.1: What is #PublicHolidaySale?

A: #PublicHolidaySale is a Holiday Sale where customers can get great offers and deals on quality products at Big Bazaar stores across India from the 22nd Dec – 25th Dec 2017.

  • Q.2: Is Public Holiday Sale available online?

A: No. You would have to visit a Big Bazaar store near you between 22nd Dec – 25th Dec 2017 to avail this opportunity.

  • Q 3: How do I get Rs.100 in Future Pay wallet?

A: You need to download & register yourself on Future Pay wallet to get Free Rs.100 cash in the wallet. Download now:

  • Q.4: till when can I use the Free Rs.100 cash in the Future Pay wallet?

A: The free Rs.100 cash in the wallet has to be used before 25th Dec 2017, else it will expire after that

  • Q.5: If I face any issue during the sale, what should I do?

A: Please write to us or meet the Store Karta directly for any issues. Big Bazaar family is always ready to serve you.

  • Q.6: Can I use Gift Voucher to shop?

A: Yes, you can use Gift Vouchers for shopping but the vouchers would have to be valid Big Bazaar/fbb Gift vouchers.

  • Q.7: What is Fast Billing?

A: We are providing our customers a service wherein they can avail for FAST billing service by buying a pass online.

  • Q.8: How do I avail of Fast Billing?

A: Simply book your Fast Billing pass on our website , Limited passes per store.

  • Q.9: For how many days is this Fast Billing registration valid?

A: Fast billing service is available from 19th Dec – 24th Dec. For this, customer has to book their pass online to avail the service as passes are limited

  • Q.10: What if I am late to reach the Fast Billing counter?

A: Unfortunately, if you miss out on your booked slot, you will have to Check Out from the regular Check Out counters.

  • Q.11: How many slots can I book at a time?

A: Only one slot can be availed for the day for each phone number/ email address that you register with.


Big Bazaar partners with Google for driving offline sales via coupons

How to get free Big Bazaar coupons with google search

Supermarket chain Big Bazaar has partnered with Google to increase footfall in the store through more targeted advertising. The company has a product called Smart Search where anyone who searches for anything with Big Bazaar on Google is offered coupons redeemable in offline stores across India.

Big Bazaar will provide the coupons on the first weekend of the month. The company added that 1,80,000 discount coupons were distributed against each Google search in three days, which saw an increase of more than 30,000 people visiting the Big Bazaar stores. “This new segment of customers’ basket size is double as in comparison to a regular Big Bazaar customer with a good mix of fashion category even though usual industry trend of the first week of month shopping is on food and groceries,” the company said in a press note.How to get free big bazaar coupons with google

Speaking to MediaNama, Pawan Sarda, head of digital at Future Group, said “We went back to data to see how many people are looking for Big Bazaar and different categories which we sell in our store. It gives us the potential for us to convert some of them into the store. If someone is searching for Big Bazaar, potentially they might be coming to the store and which can convert to sales,” he added. Sarda added that Google owns the keywords for the search and will target customers specifically for Big Bazaar to send the coupons to them.

MediaCom is the digital agency which is allowing Big Bazaar to target users for these coupons.

Google’s offline play

Note that Google is increasing its efforts to give marketers new tools for offline stores. In May, Google launched service for marketers where it would provide information to advertisers on card purchases in physical stores and link them to an online profile of the user in the United States. The company mentioned that it has third-party partnerships, which could capture approximately 70% of credit and debit card transactions in the United States.

Though Google did not provide more information on how it collected the card information, this would allow marketers to measure in-store revenue along with store visits. Businesses can then show more relevant and targeted ads on Search results. If the business collects email information at the point of sale for their loyalty programme, the business can add transactions into Google AdWords or through a third-party partner to show more targeted advertising.